I'm not sure why this page was deleted. I thought it would be really useful to have a troubleshooter for each of the error messages that can occur in the mged console. I'll stick this information in a wikibook for now, until we get a proper reference manual.


Hi Mark and apologies on the lack of communication. The summary message included details on why the page was removed, but that's apparently not easy to access once the page is deleted.

The reason was three-fold, one being that the specific statement you included was more of a notice than an error message. Another one being that the page was fully lacking in completion and content. There was no intro explaining the scope or purpose of the page, there were no other error messages included, it was a mostly useless page. The third was that the page had substantially no useful content yet was getting linked into the wiki top-level.

Even if the page were fully expanded, that probably still would have not been the appropriate place to add the link. I understand that it was intended as a placeholder, but particularly for pages that are going to get linked into the top-level wiki page, there needs to be more than just stubbed content. Hope that clears things up some. Thanks for your interest and efforts to contribute, regardless.

Cheers! Sean 00:51, 11 March 2011 (EST)