MGED has several callbacks that get called at strategic times in order to give the GUI a chance to update itself after something important has happened.

  • opendb_callback — this is called after opening a database to update the command windows’ title bar and to update the raytrace control panel.

  • begin_edit_callback — this is called at the start of an edit to reconfigure the GUI’s edit menus and to initialize other parts of the GUI with information about the solid/object being edited.

  • active_edit_callback — this is called during an active edit, after MGED perceives a change to the solid/object being edited, to continuously update GUI components during an edit.

  • end_edit_callback — this is called at the end of an edit to reconfigure the GUI to a non-edit configuration.

  • output_callback — this is called when things need to be printed to the command window(s) (i.e. after issuing a command).

  • solid_list_callback — this is called whenever MGED’s internal solid list changes. Note - the solid list changes whenever solids/objects are e’d up or when they are deleted from the display.