OGV on FreeBSD

Getting Ready

Since Meteor installer doesn’t support freeBSD operating system, we need to manually build and compile the meteor source code. Currently, this method is tested on version 10.2-RELEASE-p18

If possible, use a freshly installed freeBSD system. Any trace of node/npm can create problems while compilation, Most of the problems I faced were because of some old/unsupported version of node and npm.

Installing a few packages

We need to install some packages in order to start our meteor compilation.

$ sudo pkg install -y bash git gmake mongodb node npm python

Installing Meteor

Step 1 : Clone the Repository

The first step is to get the meteor source code on your machine. I cloned it in home directory, so it’s easy to execute meteor script, using $HOME variable.

$ cd $HOME
$ git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/4commerce-technologies-AG/meteor

Step 2: Build the node module

Next cd into the cloned directory by

$ cd $HOME/meteor

Execute the build node script in scripts folder

$ scripts/build-node-for-dev-bundle.sh

Execute the generate bundle script

$ scripts/generate-dev-bundle.sh

The above two scripts execution may take some time depending upon the configuration of the host machine. So have a little patience while executing them ;)

Step 3: Give meteor it’s first try

Now meteor is installed successfully and you can give it first try by

$ $HOME/meteor/meteor --version

The above-mentioned code of line assumes that your meteor folder is in the home directory


Now that meteor is successfully installed, it’s time to run OGV on system. Clone OGV from it’s official repository by

git clone https://github.com/BRL-CAD/OGV.git

Go to the OGV app directory

$ cd /path/to/clone/OGV-Meteor/OGV

Run meteor using the following command

$ $HOME/meteor/meteor

Keep OGV running on a server

If you are working on a cloud server and want OGV to keep running, even if you close the connection, you can do so by using tmux.

Install tmux by

$ sudo pkg install tmux

Start tmux session by

$ tmux

Run meteor inside tmux session in the usual way. Get out of the session using Ctrl + b and then press the key D on keyboard to detach from that session. Now you can safely log out and it won’t end the meteor process you started inside tmux session.