BRL-CAD Tutorial Series: Volume IV: Converting Geometry Between BRL-CAD and Other Formats


John R. Anderson
Eric W. Edwards


U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5068


May 2004


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The authors would like to thank Messrs. Lee Butler, Edwin Davisson, William Landis, and David Davis for technically reviewing this document in a timely manner and for making numerous suggestions to improve its content and presentation. The authors also thank Dr. Paul Tanenbaum for the use of his graphics for figures 1 and 2 and Ms. TraNese Christy for her help in adapting them for presentation in this document. Finally, the authors would like to posthumously acknowledge Mr. Michael Muuss, the original architect of BRL-CAD. Without his vision, intellect, and diligence, this work would not have been possible. Thus, the BRL-CAD Tutorial Series is dedicated to his memory.