The authors would like to thank Paul Tanenbaum, TraNese Christy, Sean Morrison, and the other members of the Advanced Computer Systems Team who reviewed this document in a timely manner and made many helpful suggestions to improve its accuracy and presentation.

In addition, the authors would like to acknowledge team member Mike Muuss, who passed away while this volume was in preparation. Mike was the original architect of the BRL-CAD package and guided its development for 20 years until his death on 20 November 2000. He embodied a unique blend of unparalleled intellect, unquenchable curiosity, and unending energy to advance the capabilities of everything and everyone he touched. A natural-born troubleshooter, Mike approached every job, big or small, with a passion for excellence and a child-like enthusiasm, which helped drive BRL-CAD far beyond expectations.

Although he never got a chance to review this document, much of this work is a result of his vision and attention to detail. Therefore, the BRL-CAD Tutorial Series is dedicated to his memory. His sharp mind, his warm spirit, and his loyal friendship will be greatly missed.